University of Lahore


 The two year course in diagnostic radiology is aimed at imparting training in both conventional radiology and modern   imaging techniques so that the candidate is fully competent to practice, teach and do research in the broad discipline of   radiology including ultrasound, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

 Candidate should be well versed with medical ethics and consumer protection act and the Prenatal Diagnostic Technique  (PNDT) Act.

      Ø  Enable students to develop the cognitive, effective and psychomotor skills needed by an entry level radiologist               as prescribed in the professional curriculum.

Ø  Provide a liberal arts and sciences component which will broaden the student’s knowledge and understanding into areas beyond the Radiology Curriculum.

Ø  Provide an opportunity for students to achieve a high degree of information literacy, including the ability to seek and use information resources for problem- solving critical thinking professional values, such as those Outlined in the American Society of Radiologists.

Ø  Practice set standards for Medical Imaging and Radiology.

Ø  Prepare students to pass the national certification examination and qualify for regional licensure.

Ø  Demonstrate a high degree of student success within the curriculum, as evidenced by low attrition & high